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Support Teacher (Zoya Byrket)

Zoya Byrket was born in Japan on an air force military base and has lived in Kentucky, Washington, and Texas. In Texas, she worked as a Teacher’s Assistant at a Private Christian School from 2015-2021. She has moved to Arizona to continue her pursuit of Elementary Education at Grand Canyon University and will add Special Education as a major in January 2022. After 26 years of living with her high-functioning autistic brother, Zoya, in her Christian faith, has been called to work at Victory Autism Academy to work with children on the autism spectrum. Had her brother been diagnosed sooner, his decision-making, independence, and problem-solving skills would be much greater than they are. Zoya wants to ensure that all students recognize their self-worth, and have the confidence to say “I can”! When she is not working, Zoya will be studying for college exams, hiking, or at a Bible study. She is ready to embrace her new journey!

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