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Assistant Director (Krystal Lowe)

Ms. Krystal has her BA in K-8 Elementary and Special Education. She has a MA in School Leadership and Administration. She has taught for six years in a private day school and had the privilege of working with some of the most challenging students. Ms. Krystal has been a Special Education Director for the past four years and at that time, she realized the need for a high-quality school to reach all children on the spectrum with individualized instruction.

Ms. Krystal has always had a heart for special education students since she was a young child. Her passion started when she would go to work with her mother, who was a special education teacher. Ms. Krystal would volunteer her time in the classroom to help support and motivate students with special needs.

Ms. Krystal was motivated by many encounters with parents and/or caregivers who wanted their child to attend an excellent school and receive an equal education. Ms. Krystal believes it should not matter where your child is on the spectrum, all children are capable of learning.

Ms. Krystal's professional experience and success working with a wide range of students on the spectrum make her a perfect fit for Victory Autism Academy.

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