Principal - Elementary Campus (Maria Meyer)

In Maria’s early years in schooling, she was lucky to have caring and encouraging teachers. One that stood out to her was Mrs. Beruk.  Mrs. Beruk went above and beyond for her students and it was because of her that Maria decided to pursue Education as a career.  During Maria’s childhood, her blended family included a child with special needs.  This child was the same age as Maria and the two of them became very close.  It was then that Maria knew she wanted to specifically teach children with Special needs.  

In 2007, Maria took a position as a Behavior Specialist within a non-profit organization that worked with students diagnosed with multiple severe disabilities, including but not limited to autism.  During her time in this position, She began to work on her B.A degree in Education.  
In 2011, Maria and her family moved to Arizona in search of new opportunities and change of pace.  Soon, she started working as an Instructional Assistant in a Self Contained classroom where she worked with students on the autism spectrum.  In 2015, she graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Dual certification in Special education and General Education.  Since Maria earned this degree back in 2015, she has been teaching in a Self Contained/Cross Category classroom.  Most recently, in 2019, Maria completed her M.A degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Human Factor.

Maria is highly focused on continuing her education any chance she gets because she knows it will only benefit her students.  She is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge in special education and specifically autism to Victory Autism Academy in the fall of 2020.