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Special Education Teacher (Yvette Gonzalez)

Yvette Gonzalez is an Arizona native who has devoted her time working with children from all walks of life, challenges, and abilities. In 2014, Yvette first began working with preschool-aged children at a Montessori Preparatory school. This is where her joy and spark for education first began. Yvette learned about the Montessori Philosophy and the importance of independence and student-led learning. A few years later Yvette was presented the opportunity to work for a federal shelter program where she provided direct care services to unaccompanied minors. Yvette then spent 5 years as a behavioral health technician where she focused on Social and Emotional Development, De-Escalation techniques, and Problem-Solving strategies.

Prior to joining Victory Autism Academy, Yvette brings over 7 years of combined experience and knowledge ranging from childcare, shelters, private day, and public school settings. Yvette is thrilled to return to Victory Autism Academy this year.


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