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Special Education (Brandy Blauvelt)

When Brandi was five years old, she wanted to be a teacher, NASCAR driver, AND firefighter. She has always wanted to do so many things but teaching was the one thing that stuck. Brandi has always had a love of children her entire life.  Her senior project in high school was creating a preschool for a day. Her mother-in-law is a one on one for a student with different disabilities and that is how she got to fall in love with students with Autism.
Brandi has a Bachelors in SPED and is working on her masters in Curriculum and Instruction. She moved from Virginia to teach in Arizona in 2017. She has taught Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4-8 SPED, self-contained classrooms, and most recently 1st grade at Victory Collegiate Academy (VCA).  Brandi is excited to bring her passion of teaching children on the autism spectrum to VAA.


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