High School at Victory Autism Academy

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High School education:

Whole-child focus. Wholly devoted to future success.

Our goal is to help high school students find their path in life. We create personalized programs based on their interests, skills, and goals, and provide hands-on training to foster independence and prepare them for life after high school. Our staff has extensive training on how to work with children on the autism spectrum, coupled with a true love for the work they do. Additionally, through community partnerships, students gain valuable skills and connections. Our vision is to equip every student with the tools they need to reach their full potential and succeed beyond graduation.

autistic student studying

VAA’s 4 pathways for high school students:

autistic student

College and career-bound program:

For students who master grade-level content and meet high school graduation requirements. They attend an internship with a job coach and can apply to college.

autistic student on the computer

Tech school/community work program:

For students who may fall below grade level in some areas but can still meet graduation requirements with accommodations. They attend an internship with a job coach and are interested in technical or job training after high school.

autistic student raising his hand

Community work/life skills program:

For students who participate in a modified high school curriculum focused on life skills and independent living. They attend work placement with a job coach and may benefit from extending their program after senior year.

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Functional life skills program:

For students who participate in a modified high school curriculum focused on life skills and community safety. They participate in activities to enhance independence and attend internship/work placement with a job coach. They may also extend their program after senior year.

We support students by:
  • Meeting them at their current level of learning.
  • Developing a program based on their interests and transition goals.
  • Providing hands-on life skills training for a fulfilling life after high school.
  • Assisting parents with resources for future planning.
  • Creating community partnerships for skill-building and connections.
  • Addressing all aspects of the student, including physical, social, emotional, and academic needs.
Therapeutic programs offered:
  • Our art program is designed to promote creative expression and enhance communication skills.

  • Our adaptive PE classes are tailored to individual abilities and follow the CBSE model, promoting functional movements, neurological and cognitive health, resistance and cardiovascular training. We also participate in the Special Olympics of Arizona, offering sports including soccer, basketball, flag football and cheerleading.

  • Our school-based animal-assisted therapy program uses animals to improve social and motor skills, speech, motivation, and self-confidence, with benefits including increased self-esteem, trust, empathy, focus, motivation, and self-control, and decreased anxiety, depression, and isolation.

  • Our occupational therapy helps students with fine motor skills, coordination, and sensory processing to succeed academically.

  • Our speech therapy helps students with communication, language, and social skills, and the speech team follows each student’s individual goals and plans.

  • Our physical therapy is available to support students’ physical needs. Therapists work with students one-on-one, in groups, or in consultation with the teachers and staff, and they attend community outings and field trips to support the students’ participation and performance.

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