K-8 school at Victory Autism Academy

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K-8 education:

Your child deserves so much more than a standard education.

Specially designed for children on the autism spectrum, VAA’s K-8 education provides a structured, supportive, and compassionate environment that fosters learning, communication, and skill acquisition. The program incorporates research-based curriculum, with individualized instruction based on ABA practices and the Structured Teaching Model, as well as a heavy focus on the generalization of skills, and positive behavior intervention.

autistic students doing an activity
autistic students in class

Small student to staff ratios. Giant leaps in skill mastery.

We believe in a personalized approach to learning. Our average class size is 12-15 students with a 1:3 staff to student ratio. VAA’s program is designed to meet the individual needs of each student, with a focus on teaching new skills, independent work, and practicing in a variety of environments.

We use scientifically proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and the Structured Teaching Model to help children reach their full potential.

autistic students on the playground

Positive Behavior Intervention.

Positive reinforcement is key to setting our students up for success. Each student has a token economy, where they earn rewards for exhibiting appropriate behavior and completing tasks.

Academic Program

Our academic program includes differentiated instruction in all areas, with reading and math taught in small groups through four different stations. The four stations consist of a teacher station, independent work, technology, and sensory. We use a variety of scientifically researched-based curriculums to ensure our instruction is aligned with Arizona Teaching Standards.

Our scientifically research-based curriculum includes:
  • Unique Learning System
  • enCore
  • TeachTown Social Skills
  • TouchMath
  • EngageNY
  • Learning Without Tears
  • EdMark Reading Program
  • i-Ready
  • Imagine learning
Therapeutic programs offered:
  • Our art program is designed to promote creative expression and enhance communication skills.

  • Our adaptive PE classes are tailored to individual abilities and follow the CBSE model, promoting functional movements, neurological and cognitive health, resistance and cardiovascular training. We also participate in the Special Olympics of Arizona, offering sports including soccer, basketball, flag football and cheerleading.

  • Our school-based animal-assisted therapy program uses animals to improve social and motor skills, speech, motivation, and self-confidence, with benefits including increased self-esteem, trust, empathy, focus, motivation, and self-control, and decreased anxiety, depression, and isolation.

  • Our occupational therapy helps students with fine motor skills, coordination, and sensory processing to succeed academically.

  • Our speech therapy helps students with communication, language, and social skills, and the speech team follows each student’s individual goals and plans.

  • Our physical therapy is available to support students’ physical needs. Therapists work with students one-on-one, in groups, or in consultation with the teachers and staff, and they attend community outings and field trips to support the students’ participation and performance.

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